Attack Cards!

Furvilla Edition

by jakdacrowe (#1223)

001. Cipherdex, the Alchemist

002. RAVENSCORE, the Watchful King

003. Scarborough, a Dog of Mystery
Passive is active if Unsettling Risk was used.
2x DEF gain for 1 Turn(s), if rested within 3 Turn(s).

004. Josiah, the Grim Reaper

005. Montagaeou, the Insane
Passive only applies to enemies.

006. Jakadelle, the Corvid

007. Diego, Thief Extraordinare
Upon being drawn, HOPE is only applied once.

008. Auburn, the Creative Spirit

009. Whikker, the Explorer

010. Yuu, the Lost Hero

011. Gummy, the Fallen Angel
Should the attacker's ATK be buffed,
this card simply takes the base DMG.

012. Azeki, Hound of the Ancients

013. Juni Bluett, The Crime Diamond

014. Jeymar, the Hoarder

015. Arrow, the Vigilante

016. Sugar Hype, the Unsettling Demon

017. Slush, the Snowform
Card is INVISIBLE until it attacks.

018. Rigel, The Quasar-King
Passive causes BLIND and BURN for 2 Turn(s).

019. Poliwag, Fuckdome Supreme

020. Terran, the Ancient Healer
Upon being drawn, HOPE is only applied once.

021. Law, the Flayed Hunter

022. Aleksei, the Drowned Herald
Upon being drawn, DOOM is only applied once.

023. Skulldiggery, Skulldoggoery
Passive has TOUGHNESS applied.

024. Verus, the Malevolent God

025. Angeleina, the Angelic Hybrid
Card randomly has CONTROL over opponents.

026. Evaine, the Cold Vixen

027. Raven, the Vampire Goth
Passive does absolutely nothing.

028. Kindur, the Dreamer
Passive can be rolled (1D6) to Double (2x) the effect.

029. Coralis, the Forgotten
Passive causes CONFUSION and requires a coin flip.
Heads: to all actives. / Tails: to only enemies.

030. Thanto, the Harbringer

031. Sierra, the Unrivaled Warden

032. Lyra, the Musician

033. Ryusei, the Galaxy Diety

034. Pyxus, the Charismatic Warrior

035. Xeth, the Enigmatic Mage

036. AK, the Cursed Artist

037. Loca Rojo, The Cannibalistic Killer

038. Simon, the Librarian

039. Naia, the Siren

040. Dei, Warrior of the Goddness

041. Barry, the Bookkeeper

042. Berry, the Curious Bundrop

043. Alex, the Calm Warrior

044. FloWolF, the... what is that?

045. Stain, the Wandering Artist

046. Karma, the Spirit Guider

047. Greed Leaf, the Consumed

048. King, the Holy

049. Amatheia, the Sea Witch

050. Lumi, the Wanderer

051. Trickster, the Wanderer

052. Horace King, dat smol boi

053. Pandora Jinx, the Explorer

054. Ulti, the Bartender

055. Arithia, the Lieutenant

056. Yunn, the Small Dog

057. Anna, the Tough

058. Jerylyn, the Angelic

059. Franklin, the Watcher

060. Inuki, the Scout

061. Maurice, the Sneaky

062. Chakra, the Herbalist

063. Lola, the Doge

064. Brianna, the Soft

065. Lucky, the Starmallow

066. Ralecune, the Invincible Shield
The Dynamic Duo applies only to Nara.

067. Nara, the Fierce Sword
The Dynamic Duo's WALL effect is only applicable to Ralecune's WALL.

068. Meirit, the Warrior

069. Vincenti, the Hidden One
Causes 1 HP FLIPFLOP with one opponent.
Applied when the card is first played.

070. Heblep, the Bleppy Ringbearer

071. Gus, the Hungry

072. Niles, the Stern

073. Drafiti, the Lumbering Beast

074. Nmmahynn, the Mixer

075. Cassata, the Friendly Giant

076. Vasceros, the Loud

077. Cheese, the Cautious

078. Cinnamon, the Brave

079. Keavi, the Conman

080. Deus Ex Machina, the Automaton
HEAT renders the card temporarily unusable.

081. Nerve, the Cutthroat

082. Horutiti, the All-Knowing Queen

083. Macabre, the Grump

084. Lulo, the Romantic

085. Titania, the Stealthy

086. Lavender, the Critical

087. Oliver, the Tank

088. Sammy, the Cute

089. Degdeg, the Goopy

090. Dyconda, the Loyal Servant

091. Jin, the Guiding Light

092. Nemo, the Lost Soul

093. Stephan, the Persisant

094. Alexander, the Pink

095. Heckle, the Goofy

096. Ivory, the Chef

097. Layne, Scarecrow

098. Oedipus, the Scarred

099. Roe, the Experimenter

100. Mel, the Venturer

101. Luminescence, the Useless

102. Uno, the Trickster

103. Swirling Stars, the Dreamer
Card is INVISIBLE until it attacks.

104. Lunarria, the Steampunk DJ

105. Atilla, the Hungry

106. Bilou, the Beast

107. Angel, the Guardian
Grants AWAKEN to the first fallen/removed ally.

108. Bea, the Herbalist

109. Sumarezu, the Barista Corgi

110. Dark Sumarezu, the Psycho

111. Opal, the Crazy 'Nana

112. Baniryo, the Witch

113. Himawara, the Healer

114. Storm, the Mobster
Summon will be active once the card is in play.

115. Kitsune, the Angel

116. Sun, the Mobster
Summon will be active once the card is in play.

117. Skyla, the Splashy
Aromatherapy activates upon card entry.

118. Ghost, the Wingpyre

119. Rufus, the Beast

120. Dalisto, the Demoness

121. Silvius, the Prince
Summon will be active once the card is in play.
Due to PRINCELY AURA, Resting is not required.

122. Cassern / AERIAL PIRATE
If 3 SPC is used, 3 x 2D20.

123. Lonely, Lord of Lobsters

124. Leech, the Child

125. Vixie, the Hungry

[ Alternate Card ]

127. Juniper, the Tiny Terror

128. Nugget, the Happy

129. Nom Nom, the Mighty

130. Bergamot, the Dambe Master

131. Googly Boogly, one Cocoa Cup

132. Starfoxxe, the Artful Temptress
Requires a Coin Flip. (HEADS)
Does not spend another SPC if attacks twice.

133. Nukpana, the Incubus

134. Kismet, the Fallen Star

135. Gossamer, the Fae-Fox

136. Derik, the Dire Wolf Warrior
Causes FEAR to all opponents.

137. Sparkle, the Plushie Unicorn

138. Hypnos, the Sleepy Pup

139. Loxilai, the Pastel

140. Fraxinus, the Forest Spirit
Upon being drawn, HERBAL SNACKS is only applied once.

141. Aivi, the Feathery & Valiant
Upon being drawn, BERRY SNACKS is only applied once.

142. Avia, the Dreamwalker

143. Cream, the Hugger

144. Moss, the Innocent

145. Gingersnap, the Deceptor

146. Niut, the Lost Soul
Phoenix revives this card once.

147. Uziel, the Silver

148. Debonair, the Entertainer
Lost in The Rhythm causes INFECTION.

149. Alvaro, the Mystic

150. Ashen, the Virtuous

151. Mirage, the Sweet

152. Melodi, the Vanquisher

153. Heinous, the Horrifying

154. Dreamwalker, the Pancake

155. ArmoredStar, the Protector of EQ

156. Zelfi, the Seeker

157. Fizzbin, the Conman

158. Hallow, the Soul Collector

159. Baphomet, the True God

160. Ramune, the Bubbly

161. Alaris, the Masked Flame

162. Angeleina, the Dark Angel
Randomly causes LOCK-ON to opponents.

163. Jagger, the Dancing Were-Rabbit

164. Shira, the Regretful Fallen

165. Kiyoni, the Possessive Fallen

166. Pixusu, the Gentle

167. Beef, the Trapped Soul

168. Baxter, the Ultimate Shield

169. Majora, the Supreme Gay

170. Vita, the Menace

171. Ainsley, Udderly Dangerous
Nuclear Cow Pies deals 1D10 x 1D4.

172. Siphull, the Selfless

173. Roieil, the Corrupt

174. Kallan, the Simple

175. Kanra, the Pure

176. Jasper, the Shark
There are now fish.

177. Jupiter, the Crystal Keeper

178. Kyoko, the Mirror
Passive activates on being drawn.

179. Gyles, the Grump

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